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Select the correct timezone for automatic geotagging. Why do you need this?
Ramblr offers automatic geotagging (the tagging of your photo to the trackpoint where you took it) for all photos you upload for your trip. We do this by matching the timestamp from your photo with the timestamps of your trackpoints in your track. To use this automatic geotagging feature, your camera must set to the correct local time. Also, you need to select the corresponding timezone and daylight savings option on ramblr when you upload your photos. Please note that some photo editing programs cause timestamps to change. If your photos don’t have correct timestamps for any reason, ignore the timezone setting and proceed to the next step by clicking “Confirm”. To use manual geotagging; click the thumbnail of the photo you want to tag (located in right plane of the screen), drag the photo flag in the map plane, and drop the photo flag on any trackpoint. By geotagging your photos you will be able to see where on your trip you took that great shot.
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Definition of Terms
Trackpoint : A pair of coordinates. It has to be part of a Track.
Trackpoints can be generated by the Track drawing tool and/or by a moving GPS (Ramblr App) as a “breadcrumb trail”.
A Trackpoint generated by a moving GPS (Ramblr App) has a timestamp and 3-dimensional coordinates including elevation.
However, a Trackpoint generated by the Track drawing tool doesn’t have a time stamp.

Track : A collection of Trackpoints, listed in the order which they were written. It is usually displayed as a wavy line
(a collection of segmented straight lines that connect two neighboring Trackpoints which were listed in order).
A Track always has a starting Trackpoint and ending Trackpoint since it is written in order.
There can be multiple tracks on a map.

Direction of a Track : A track always has a direction from the starting Trackpoint to the ending Trackpoint.

Tool Tips
Undo :A tool to undo your last action.
Move a Trackpoint : A tool to move an existing Trackpoint to different coordinates. Select a Track by placing your mouse cursor over it (the Track color will be changed to Pink and will show movable Trackpoints.) Then drag the Trackpoint you want to move to any coordinates on the map.
Remove a Trackpoint : A tool to remove one Trackpoint from a Track. Select a Track by placing your cursor over it (the Track color will be changed to pink). Then click on a Trackpoint you want to remove.
Remove a Track : A tool to remove one entire Track. Select a Track by placing your cursor over it (the Track color will be changed to pink).Then click on it to remove the selected Track.
Draw a New Track : A tool to draw a new Track (or Tracks). Click on the map to place each Trackpoint. To finish drawing the new Track- click the tool icon again after placing the ending Trackpoint. To draw multiple Tracks; do the same process again for each Track you want to draw. This tool also provides a way to extend a previously existing Track from its ending Trackpoint. Select a Track to extend by placing your cursor near its ending Trackpoint (shown as the “end track marker”). The Track color will change to pink. Then click on the map to place Trackpoints in order to extend your track. The first Trackpoint of your extension will be connected to the ending Trackpoint of the existing Track you’ve selected.
Split a Track : A tool to split a Track into two separated Tracks. Select a Track by placing your cursor over it (the Track color will be changed to pink and will show all Trackpoints). Click on a Trackpoint where you want to make a split. This tool is useful especially when you want to remove part of a Track you have already taken by a moving GPS (Ramblr App). Combine this tool with “Remove a Track” to throw away part of a Track recorded unexpectedly (first split the Track, and then remove the unwanted Track).
Merge Tracks : A tool to merge two separated tracks into one. Click the ending Trackpoint of a Track (shown as the “end track marker”). The selected Track color will be changed to red. Then click the starting Trackpoint (shown as the “start track marker”) of the Track you want to merge it with.
Reverse Track : A tool to reverse the direction of a Track. Select a Track by placing your cursor over it (the Track color will be changed to pink). Click it to make its direction reverse.